Self Suffice 7"

by Controlled

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released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Controlled Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Self Suffice
you don't need
to depend
self suffice
boycott them

the paint in this prison
has begin to crack
the only way out
is to disconnect

slave to your impulse
controlled by greed
you "need" what you want
but you lack what you need
Track Name: Parasite
got to change
plain sadistic

infinite growth
can't be sustained
finite resource
it's gotta be changed

making ten from one
someone's gotta lose
Track Name: Force of Habit
slave for a dollar
obey the iron fist
forget about the poor
on the pursuit of being rich
no regard for others
filling our guts
keep falling deeper
into this rut

force of habit
murder on the shelf
force of habit
the victim is yourself

I always try
try to deny
it's the easy way
try to shift the blame
for our lack of conscious
there's no pity amongst us
just thoughtless machines
stuck in our routines

go ahead, close your eyes
wear their straight jacket
another victim to the force of habit
Track Name: Dissociate
out of sight
out of mind
close your eyes
and deny

nobody cares
you all pretend
too many excuses
square one again

can't work it out
what will it take
you've seen the truth
but dissociate

you've got your opinion
but can't back it up
in the face of debate
you just shut up

what will it take
what you know is fake
what will it take
you dissociate
Track Name: Constraint
imposed order
all made the same
searching for life
losing our way

conditioned cycle
a life of constraint
you're being held back
as it's taken away

stuck in the cave
you assimilate
you lost the essence
and now you can't relate

you lost the point
you sealed the fate
it's all the same
life in a cage
Track Name: Death Sentence
we destroy when we create
nothing left we sealed our fate
look around we have to learn
we're at the point of no return

how did we think that we could last
destroy it all in our path
it won't stop til there's nothing left
we have sentenced ourselves to death

can't you see we sealed our fate
it's over
can't you see we dug our own grave
Track Name: Afraid to Change
so afraid to change

you've got a fear of change
you are stuck inside your ways
so I'll tell you when you're wrong
and you can do the same

you've got nothing to show
until you challenge what you know
to get a new result
you've gotta change yourself

fear inside your brain
so afraid of change

you've got a fear of change
and you need to change your ways
Track Name: Fraud
your encouraging ways
are a grappling hook
what i once couldn't see
now I read like a book
you had me believe
but it was all fake
to let my guard down
was my biggest mistake

no more chances
your time is up
try and take away freedoms
infect and corrupt
no more
Track Name: Modern Nomad
on his own
can't be tied down
answers to no one

another day
his own way
no need for rules

forced to conform
forced to abide
forced to fit in
forced off the edge

tried to fake it
couldn't take it
and now he roams
Track Name: Wild Threat
ignorant to reason
while darkness beckons
as long as it's wild
it will be threatened

you say you want to change
but I see it's just a trend
you say you'll make it right
but you're back at it again

no way back
we're being hurled
on the brink of extinction
we've placed ourselves

a prosperous life
but at what cost?
If we treat it this way
all will be lost